Monday, April 6, 2009

The first real day of spring

Hello? Is this thing on? Hello! Test. Test. One, two, three. Test. 

Okay, I am not fooling myself to think that just because I write, they will come. But I'm starting anyway. This blog is devoted to photography, gardening, running, and language. I suspect other topics will pique my interest. In the meantime, spring is on my mind...

After what has felt like the never-ending winter, we finally got out in the garden in shirt sleeves on Sunday, able to dig in the dirt and savor the warmth. Of course Northwest gardening is really all about year-round work, but this winter AND spring so far, with snow and endless cold temps (38 degrees on April 1...), it has been more than challenging to want to go outside and accomplish anything. 

At this time of year, it's almost shocking how quickly some things have shot out of the ground. The fritillaria are already 3 feet high. The peony shoots, red and strong. The daylilies are a foot tall. We pulled them all out of the bed in front of the house, where they've been growing and spreading for 20 years (I've divided them twice before), but it's become obvious that they are relentless in their bid to take over the front yard. We took every last one out and piled them in front of the house to give away. 

Today promises to be an equally seductive day and I will put on the grubbies and the gardening clogs and dig in the dirt some more.  


  1. Go Ginger! I have found the blogging thing to be an extremely helpful activity. Write on!

  2. Love it, look forward to your unique perspective on PNW living

  3. Look forward to seeing your work and exchanging ideas. This is great fun!

  4. Ginger, I love your style. That is such a pretty profile photo of you, too.

  5. Okay, you sneak. Had no idea you were cooking up a mess of words. But there's nobody more creative in the kitchen, in the garden, or elsewhere. Can't wait to see what else comes forth...